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pop superstar beyonce proud as a result of his name was chosen just like the name of the road in bermuda, across the ocean united kingdom. 

the native government has created ​ ;​ ;its name to firmly the name as to the road after he held a concert within the country in 2008. 

as quoted from female first, workers in bermudas national sports centre tidying up a sidewalk in front of the road where beyonce been singing in the road 5 years ago and referred to as beyonce boulevard manner. 

currently these have came upon a sign inside the road to pay for tribute to firmly blue ivys mother is. 

facility manager, trevor madeiros says that he's tidy and repair the streets to firmly welcome the diva. 

many individuals decision him ( street ) beyonce boulevard and everybody started using it. thus, many individuals offer names when giving directions to firmly visitors. 

its not very official. this is often the habit of your own, he aforementioned.