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umbrella singer, rihanna, has finally released his first fashion line collection below the banner of river island and directly attacked by fans who needed to order his idol design. previously, rihanna was exhibiting a collection of his best performances at london fashion week last month. 

for the launch, rihanna wore their unique designs a dress with the use of a slit thigh high length, then modified clothes by using a white prime combined with jeans taken from his collection. 

sources from river island told bang showbiz, sales of rihannas debut fashion line is high and the corporate is often open to actually him the chance to actually work along. singer diamonds was a surprise to actually those operating along with the staff of river island nowadays engaged on his first collection. 

he was there kept. ours was terribly surprised. he extremely spent the time to actually work on her clothes. all of you saw was what he was doing, same a supply.

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