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Finding Dory Video - Finding dory is an upcoming 2015 sequel in the 2003 pixar film finding nemo that should be directed by andrew stanton, who additionally directed the original film. 1 the film was confirmed by walt disney pictures in april 2013, by having scheduled unharness date of november 25, 2015. it really has additionally been confirmed that characters from the very first film can seem within the sequel, together with dory, nemo, marlin and also the tank gang
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Finding Dory nemo
Finding Dory

Finding Dory movie
Finding Dory

Finding Dory video
Finding Nemo Dory

finding dory will surely be centered inside the amnesiac character dory, and is going to explore the thought of her being reunited along with her family. it'll take place one year after finding nemo and feel set from the coast of california.


Ellen degeneres as dory, a pacific regal blue tang
albert brooks as marlin, a clownfish, nemos father
it was eventually additionally announced that nemo and also the tank gang would come. in spite of this, no casting info was revealed. it's unknown if jacques can reappear for your own sequel as a result of his voice actor, joe ranft, died in 2005.

finding dory is scheduled that should be released on november 25, 2015

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