Google Nose April Fools

Google Nose April Fools - Google, as per tradition, is out with your latest april fools day prank to firmly celebrate the practical joke-based holiday.
google nose beta, the companys new fictional product, promises to firmly supply the sharpest olfactory expertise accessible.
Google Nose April Fools pranks
Google Nose April Fools

a video introducing google nose ( viewable higher than ) explains that the feature allows users to firmly hunt for smells. appears sophisticated, right ? well thats as it is ( its too fake ). the merchandise intersects photons with infrasound waves and temporarily aligns molecules to firmly emulate a specific scent. the mobile aroma indexing program with the heart as to the product has amassed a 15 million scentibyte database of smells from all over the world.

other then what regarding mobile ? well, google has you lined. their android ambient odor detection allows one to collect smells on your private phone.

the whole thing sounds therefore nice. other then your nose can be required to wait, as a result of this incredible technology just exists within the fictional universe.

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