Margaret thatcher dead

Margaret thatcher dead - lady thatchers children mark and carol aforesaid their mother, who suffered bouts of ill health in recent years, died peacefully after suffering a stroke for the age of 87.
Margaret thatcher died regarding 11am for the ritz in central london, where she had been staying since january engaging in a minor operation. a private ambulance drove her body coming from the hotel shortly before midnight.
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margaret thatcher died
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prime minister david cameron announced that parliament could well be recalled on wednesday obtain a special session within which tributes will surely be paid.

downing street, that joined buckingham palace and therefore the houses of parliament in flying its flags at half mast, too aforesaid the politician could well be given a full ceremonial funeral with honours - the very same standing accorded in the queen mother.

the govt. aforesaid the memorial of Margaret thatcher died, at st pauls cathedral, is predicted out to take place next week and could well be televised.

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