Plane crashes in Bali

Plane crashes in Bali - A lion air airplane carrying 101 passengers was forced to actually create an emergency landing by the ocean after it overshot the runway at ngurah rai airport on saturday afternoon.
sherly yunita, a public relations officer at ngurah rai airport, told the jakarta globe that the passenger plane didn't bit the runway and landed directly on your ocean.
Pasangger Plane crashes in Bali
Plane crashes in Bali

Passanger Plane crashes in Bali
Lion Air Plane crashes in Bali

“the cause isn't known however, ” sherly aforesaid. “it was an emergency landing. ”

dozens of passengers are sent to actually hospitals in denpasar with 10 passengers hospitalized for the sanglah hospital in denpasar and 2 for the kasih ibu hospital.

victims with serious injuries are taken towards the siloam hospital in kuta.

a passenger, identified as dewi, complained that the pilot didn't alert the passengers until that emergency landing.

“suddenly i saw the airplane was thus shut along with the ocean and hit the water with the use of a loud sound, ” dewi aforesaid. “all passengers were panicking, screaming. passengers tried to actually obtain the life jackets and were rushed towards the emergency exits. ”

dewi, who suffered an injury to actually her head, managed to actually swim towards the beach after obtaining away from the plane.

the lion air boeing 737-800 er jet was traveling from bandung to actually denpasar when finally it was forced to actually create an emergency landing, eko diantoro, the general manager from airport operator angkasa pura ii, told Indonesian TV "TVone" on saturday.

eko aforesaid there have been 101 passengers — ninety six adults, 5 children and 1 baby — and seven crew members on board the flight that left husein sastranegara international airport, bandung at 12 :56 p. m. the flight was due to actually land at 3 :40 p. m. native time. the flight crashed directly into water at 3 :35 p. m, 50 meters direct from runway.

eko aforesaid that weather conditions in Denpasar were smart.

“we don’t recognize the cause as to the accident, ” eko aforesaid. “we don’t have the detail as to the passengers condition, however all are alive. ”

in october 2011, a lion air flight overshot the runway for the sepinggan airport in balikpapan, east kalimantan. there have been no casualties like the passenger plane managed to actually stop on any soft surface in position to actually trap an aircraft from running on direct from landing space, or possibly directly into ocean, within the case in an emergency.

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