Real madrid vs dortmund 2013 highlights 1 - 4

Real madrid vs dortmund 2013 highlights 1 - 4 hello and welcome to actually westfalenstadion where now we have germany’s borussia dortmund hosting spain’s real madrid in first leg uefa champions league 2013 semi-final action. it’s champs league soccer, at its finest.

one superstar has seen his light-weight glow slightly dimmer, lionel messi yesterday failing to actually fire in barcelona’s 4-0 drubbing along at the hands of bayern munich. well, real madrid’s task is no easier. germany will certainly be in party mode ought to dortmind create it an all-germany champs league final, thus there’s lots riding upon the shoulders of madrid’s cristiano ronaldo. and lets not forget, dortumd has not been beaten by madrid in 2 matches this year.

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