Frank Ribery mad to Boateng

Frank Ribery mad to Boateng - Bayern Munich star Frank Ribery feel very upset and pleaded not to be willing to talk again with Jerome Boateng because of Germany's national team players are falling on Ribery with a beer when the Bundesliga Munich, Saturday last week.

During the feast a few colleagues Ribery tried a simple joke for France with players falling beer, but only the most been chasing the midfielder Ribery.
Rather than assume that beer guyuran as a joke silly, Ribery responded with thoughtful comments and hot. "I will not talk with Boateng anymore--he knows that I'm a Muslim," said Marca, Ribery was quoted as saying Thursday, May 14, 2013.

The incident is feared would interfere with the harmony and team preparation to face Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League Final, may 25. Pictures of Munich's Bundesliga champion shows Ribery tried to flee from the pursuing her with full Boateng joked.
But note that Ribery eluded efforts Boateng because he's a muslim who believed that any form of contact with the beer is unlawful. Frank Ribery became Muslims since 2002 when he decided to marry the woman, Wahiba, France Algerian descent.

Frank Ribery mad to Boateng

Frank Ribery very upset to Boateng
Frank Ribery mad to Boateng because of this

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In 2010, when Ribery is known to hire prostitute Zahia Dehar-named the 17-year-old--Ribery-Wahiba households threatened with disbandment. Ribery charged with hiring prostitutes under. France law does not prohibit the prostitution of the origin of the woman was 18 years old. Bilal Yusef Muhammed is a muslim name for Frank Ribery

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