Matt Smith is leaving "Doctor Who"

Matt Smith is leaving "Doctor Who" - BBC announced smiths departure is going to take place after he seems within the 50th anniversary and therefore the 2013 christmas special. smith first stepped straight into the tardis in 2010. steven moffat, lead writer and government producer on doctor who, praised smiths work upon the long-running series.

nice actors perpetually grasp when its time regarding the curtain decision, therefore this christmas prepare specifically for your own personal hearts to interrupt, as we say goodbye out to variety eleven. thank you matt -- bow ties were never cooler, he aforesaid. after all, this isnt finished on your story, as a result of now the search begins. somewhere out there immediately -- all unknowing, barely going about their business -- is somebody whos about to turn into the doctor. a our life is intending to modification, and doctor who will certainly be born all over once more ! after 50 years, thats still therefore exciting !

rumors of smiths departure first surfaced in march. “i am terribly happy functioning. i go and that i will the anniversary special, then i flee for slightly. then i return and that i will the christmas special. its sort of 1 of these jobs that you may out to take'>have to take and pass year by year extremely as a result of its 10 months a year. its all-consuming therefore i dont assume you'll be able to plan 5, six years ahead or maybe even 2 years ahead, smith aforesaid on jonathan ross’s show in march 2013. with the moment, it’s 2013 and then we can see what 2014 holds.

now, its official. smith aforesaid doctor who was the foremost brilliant experience thanks in the forged, crew and fans. im incredibly grateful out to all the forged and crew who work tirelessly daily, out to realize all the components on your show and deliver doctor who in the audience. several out of them became smart friends and im incredibly happy with almost everything that have accomplished over the very last four years.

having steven moffat as showrunner write such varied, funny, mind-bending and brilliant scripts has also been one among the greatest and the majority of rewarding challenges of my career, smith continued within the statement. its been a privilege but a treat out to work with steven, hes a very good friend and is going to proceed to form a brilliant world regarding the doctor.

smith praised the fans of doctor who for being unlike some other for his or her dedication in the series.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith
thank you therefore terribly much for supporting my incarnation on your time lord, variety eleven, who i would possibly add isn't done nonetheless, im back regarding the 50th anniversary and therefore the christmas special ! he aforesaid. ts been an honor out to play this half, out to follow the legacy of brilliant actors, and helm the tardis to produce a spell when using the ginger, the nose and therefore the not possible one. however when ya gotta go, ya gotta go and trenzalore calls. thank you guys.

the doctor who 50th anniversary airs saturday, november 23, 2013 on bbc america.

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