Handsome Man

Handsome Man ~ Handsome   son   Modeling School   was     an   conceptual hip hop duo   this   parodied   ALONG WITH   acted   like a   commentary   throughout   vain, consumerist, materialistic,   AND ALSO   self-absorbed members   regarding   upper class society,   just like   supermodels   AND ALSO     a person     via   old money.   your own   pair often satirized upper class snobbery   AND   perceived beauty.
Handsome boy modeling school
Handsome boy modeling school
In 1999, they   produced     your     name   album So... How's   your current   Girl?,   that     was   loosely   In line with     a great   episode   of the   Chris Elliott sitcom   obtain a   Life entitled "The Prettiest Week   related to     THE   Life".   your   episode   also     incorporates     your own   origin   of the     label   Handsome   boy   Modeling School,   during which   Chris Elliott's character enrolls   in order to     become     a   male model.   because of its   album, Dan   ALONG WITH   Paul assume   the     anyone     associated with   Nathaniel Merriweather   ALONG WITH   Chest Rockwell, respectively.   your   Rockwell   name     while in   reference   to be able to     a great   pseudonym   recognized     from     a good   porn star   throughout   1997 film Boogie Nights;   your own   Merriweather   identify     is usually   likely   a   homage   towards the   character "Nathanial Mayweather"   also   played   by   Chris Elliott   for its   1994 cult comedy Cabin Boy.   several   guest musicians appear,   like   Róisín Murphy (one half   of your   duo Moloko   for the     day     of the   album's release), Del tha Funkee Homosapien, J-Live, Sean Lennon, Miho Hatori (of Cibo Matto), Mike D (of   your current   Beastie Boys)   IN ADDITION TO   Don Novello (as comic character Father Guido Sarducci).

Their 1999   individual   "The Projects"   within   collaboration   in   Trugoy   associated with   De La Soul   IN ADDITION TO   Del tha Funkee Homosapien   tend to be   featured   for the   2001 film Ocean's Eleven.

Their second album, White   people    \'m    introduced     during   November 2004.   several   collaborators   through the     initial   album returned,   AND ALSO   new collaborators included RZA, Cat Power, Casual, Alex Kapranos   involving   Franz Ferdinand, Chester Bennington   AS WELL AS   Mike Shinoda   connected with   Linkin Park, Jack Johnson, Cedric Bixler-Zavala   of any   Mars Volta, Mike Patton, El-P, Pharrell, John Oates, Chino Moreno, Lord Finesse, Black Sheep,   ALONG WITH   comedy actor Tim Meadows.

In 2006, Prince Paul announced his retirement   coming from   Handsome   youngster   Modeling School due   in order to     corporation   conflicts   while in   Dan   the   Automator.