The Cheapest New Cars of 2017 - 2018

The Cheapest New Cars of 2017 - 2018

Of all the considerations many are facing buyers of new cars, little, if anything, more important than the price. But for people on a tight budget, it is possible to get a cheap car that is also a good car? You bet. With cars as with clothes, there's always the good things in the basket trading, although sometimes You have to go digging. So we have compiled 10 cheapest car of 2017 and made part of the excavation for you so you know which ones to throw over your shoulder and take it to the dressing room-and those who can throw it back in the bin.
The 10 Cheapest New Cars of 2017

1. Nissan Versa S ($12,855)

Nissan versa 2017
In terms of cheapest car 2017, Nissan sedan Versa, you get what you pay for. We will not chew the words following: Versa cheap in every sense of the word, from within the skin thin, plastic for low content to languish a little 109-HP four-cylinder engine with a manual lever chewy. The automatic transmission is possible and can also have less than $15 K, and regardless of the transmission, the Versa is fuel efficient. Then again, so is pretty much all the others in this list. The versa is one of those cars that will remind you that you are on a tight budget every time you sat in it, and what you save in monthly payments, you can end up spending on antidepressants. Beg, borrow or steal, however, to collect another major or two to get into one of the best deals on this list – that almost all other cars here.

2. Mitsubishi Mirage es ($13 830)

Cheapest new cars 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage es

Mitsubishi has been struggling in the United States for some time, and yesterday the reintroduction of the Mirage sedan has done little to help the cause. After take-off model year 2016, he went back to 2017 with a revised style, and this time the standard Mirage joined a sedan, G4, which starts at 830 $14. The sedan offers a much larger back seat and, well, a batang, but little else of note. Both are easy to drive and very fuel-efficient, but with only 78 HP from a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine along with them, both models Suh-loooooow. On the positive side, Mirage duo offered with a 10-year warranty/100,000-miles, but we can only imagine there are people who keep one over. As with the Nissan versa, you get what you pay for with these cheap runabouts.

3. Chevrolet Spark ($13 875)

The cheapest new car 2017 2018

One of the shocking surprises on this list also happens to be one of the cheapest: Chevrolet Spark. Looking for cool after a complete overhaul for 2016, spark is smaller than the previous model, especially in the back seat. That said, for a car that is short, the spark in the standard package: backup camera, 10 airbags, interface 7.0-inch touch screen for radio, and standard in-car Wi-Fi. The hotel also offers the flexibility of the tailgate and fuel efficiency is high. With only 98 horses, darn slow, but managing well and very stable at high speeds. The spark is a small car the shooter on the tendencies of your budget-minded, and it's not going to punish You for being so.

4. Ford Fiesta S Sedan ($15 005) 
The cheapest new cars 2017

Another cheap car landscape light in the sometimes murky comes from dealer Ford, where the Fiesta has been putting smiles on the faces of shoppers since Ford decided to sell the euro-flavored popular subcompact in the United States in 2010. powered by cool 120-HP four-cylinder engine, has decent power, although with fuel economy that is barely a segment leader. It is also very fun on winding roads, well-tuned chassis and responsive way. Sedan is a little more than $15 to 305. If you liked the 2017 model, just wait (if you can) until next year: 2018 will be available at some point during 2017, and we are confident that it will build the power that makes the Fiesta is currently Part of the wheel.

5. Kia Rio Sedan ($15 015)
Kia Rio Sedan

What is a four-door and 138 horse power? There is not that much near $15 000, unless the Kia Rio Sedan dancing in the sand, such as Duran Duran could say. With direct injection four-cylinder engine, a smooth and powerful with — you suspect — 138 HP muscle coupled to a six-speed manual transmission, Rio is a cut above most of the cars in this group in the Department of L Motorization. The five-door hatchback available, but also elegant, a little bit more in $16 245. Like KIAS, both blessed with a 10-year warranty/100, 000-mile powertrain, but unless you want a big out some more, you'd better DIY kind of person, because the windows rotate and Lock the doors manually is standard FARE.

6. Nissan Versa Note ($15 095)
The Cheapest New Cars 2017
We wish we could say that notes the versa hatchback, which is essentially a version of the Versa sedan, the car that much better than the four-door counterparts. After all, it is more than $2000 more expensive, so it must be better, right? But unfortunately, all we can say about the note is that much more wonderful, but not much better in any case. The hotel offers a tailgate utilities but not as wide, and fuel economy, which fell into the category of ' good, not great. And with fuel economy and not a guarantee of adjusting note paid off some of the best car in this segment-to say nothing of the Wimpy brand powertrain – we are required to advise the buyer in the spirit of the budget is to look at the other places.

7. Smart Fortwo ($15.400)

the cheapest new cars 2017

In addition to its name, its ability to parking in amazing places, and half (seriously, amazingly) 22.8-foot turning circle, there is not much we would consider smart about a smart buy. A small three-cylinder engines in the middle of the mounting suffering terrible Turbo lag, and even full Steam, it yields only 89 HP, which is not a lot of fun with the five-speed manual, but even less with a Dual-Clutch automatic choice. Don't get very good fuel economy is good, at least compared to econocars so much Topping 40 MPG today. This is the only car in this list that just sit two, and has one of the smallest cargo holds a lot when you consider that you could not bend seat bottom to add to the space available. Smart is, however, the only car here that is also offered as a conversion or electric car (or both), but it costs a lot more.

8. Hyundai Aksen SE ($15 580)
New cheapest cars 2017

The Hyundai accent is the brother proverb Kia Rio from another mother, and the United States such is an elegant and honest offer in a group of cars that claim to be more but are not. For $15.580, the Sedan accent comes with a 137-HP 4-cylinder engine and a six-speed manual transmission, with a six-speed automatic available for $1000 more. For $15.830, a five-door hatchback is available with the same transmission choices, but for some reason, the automatic costs $1.200 in this car rather than a large one. No one says the cheap cars made ... cents. Ha! (sorry) But seriously, people, we like the accent here, surprisingly high-end as it is and blessed with this excellent warranty for which Hyundai has become famous.

9. Fiat 500 Pop ($15,990)

Cheapest new cars 2017 2018
You might be surprised that the $15 990 Fiat 500 is the cheapest ninth car on this list, but only one, the eensy Smart Fortwo. Well, despite its size, it has a decent level of standard equipment, including fabric seats, a knee driver airbag, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, cruise control, air conditioning, and keyless input. With many plastics, the 500 still feels pretty much as cheap as it is, at least from a material quality standpoint, but despite its meager 101-HP Four Cylinders, the 500 is rather fun to drive, with excellent direction , the handling planted, and four-wheel disc brakes in addition, unlike the Smart Fortwo, the 500 has several interior storage spaces, including first row seat storage. Just don't try to put someone in the back; The rear seats are totally useless.

10. Chevrolet Sonic LS Sedan ($16,020)

The Cheapest New cars 2017
The Sonic sedan, one of the two Chevy entries on this list (the other is the spark), makes a strong demonstration-not only because of its nicely refreshed fascias, but also for its long list of amenities. Like the spark, the Sonic has 10 airbags, a back-up camera and OnStar. Unlike the spark, it is quite spacious inside, and the standard equipment includes air conditioning, a 7.0-inch touch screen of info-entertainment, a driver's information display in the gauge cluster, keyless input, Variable intermittent wiper, tilting and telescopic steering wheel, and Wi-Fi 4 G LTE connectivity. A sporty hatchback model is also available, and although it will cost you another great couple, all the 2017 hatchbacks Sonic receive body modifications RS for a chic look

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